GPS Fleet Management System

Connecting People, Places & Things

The Trimble PULSE GPS fleet management system offers 360-degree visibility of your operations to help you connect and manage your fleet, assets, work, and workers intelligently.

GPS Fleet Management System

GPS Fleet Management Software

Connect, monitor, and manage your business’s assets with GPS fleet telematics tracking that makes your work flow faster, easier, and safer than ever before.

Telematics Tracker

Innovative Telematics Tracking Solutions for Light and Heavy Duty Vehicles

View real-time locations of your vehicles and drivers through a modern web and mobile GPS fleet management system interface. Generate exception alerts based on geofences or vehicle usage. Monitor fleet performance, fuel usage, safety, and compliance.

GPS Fleet Management System Features

  • Ignition and Running Status
  • Vehicle Speed and Current Heading
  • Battery Level
  • Event Timeline and Travel Path
  • Mapping and Geofences
  • Speeding and Idling Alerts
  • Location, Time, and Proximity Alerts
  • Fault Codes and Seatbelt Alerts


Complete visibility of your vehicles, equipment, and places

  • See the real-time and retrospective location of your fleet
  • Monitor vehicle activity – See the travel path of your vehicle
  • Verify your vehicles are where your drivers tell you they are

Download the PULSE Telematics Solution Sheet

See how our technology can help connect people, places and things.

Introducing Trimble PULSE Telematics
Check out our OnDemand Webinar

Introducing Trimble PULSE Telematics
Check out our OnDemand Webinar