Connecting People,
Places & Things

Offers organizations 360 degree visibility of their operations to help them connect and manage their fleet, assets, work, and workers intelligently.

Monitor the heartbeat of your fleet. Then maximize it.

Connect, monitor, and manage your business's assets with fleet tracking and equipment monitoring software that makes your work flow faster, easier, and safer than ever before.

Flexible device options to connect your vehicles and mobile equipment.

Trimble PULSE® provides several GPS / cellular telematics device options to connect your fleet. From a simple plug-and-play device for light duty vehicles, to installed devices connected to the on-board Electronic Control Unit (ECU), ensure you are harvesting the critical information needed to manage your operation.

TDI 610

Ruggedized ELD-compliant tablet with wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connections, fully connected whether in or out of the vehicle

TVG 680

Equipment-focused device combines GPS and diagnostics with wireless technology providing real-time location, utilization, and diagnostics information to help monitor equipment fleets

TVG 675

Powered vehicle tracker, with cellular and Bluetooth, and built-in ECU to transmit engine condition and performance data from heavy and light duty vehicles

TVG 670

Powered, Heavy Duty Vehicle Tracker with Driver Behavior Monitoring, Vehicle Diagnostics, and I/O Sensor Inputs

TVG 370

Plug & Play, Light Duty Vehicle Tracker with Driver Behavior Montoring and Vehicle Diagnostics

TAG 200

Powered, Mobile Asset Tracker with Utilization Monitoring and I/O Sensor Inputs

TAG 150

Battery Powered, Asset Location Tracker with 7-year Battery Life

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Introducing Trimble PULSE Telematics
Check out our OnDemand Webinar

Introducing Trimble PULSE Telematics
Check out our OnDemand Webinar